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Safety, Environmental and Engineering Solutions (SEES) specializes in helping organizations control losses and enhance the safety, health, and productivity of employees on the job site and in the workplace.

In solutions ranging from risk evaluations and regulatory compliance checks to safety program development, employee training, and workers’ compensation cost-management programs, we apply deep expertise, a unique consultative approach, and proven techniques to help businesses in a wide range of industries as well as organizations in the public and government sector.

Organized by experienced consultants in 2000, we’re one of the fastest growing occupational safety and health consulting firms in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area, serving clients throughout Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Lousiana. A minority-owned enterprise, we support equal employment opportunities and practice diversity in all aspects of our business.
Our extensive experience, acquired through successful engagements with hundreds of organizations, is your assurance of cost-efficient, effective solutions that will enhance both your employees’ well-being and your operational health. And our client-focused approach ensures that solutions are tailored to your unique needs and goals, within the cost and time parameters you specify.
At SEES, we focus on your employees’ safety and health so you can focus on your business.

SEES is a North Central Texas Regional Certification Agency-certified Minority Owned Enterprise.

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Our Values & Commitment to Diversity

At SEES, we strive to provide our clients exceptional value in every business engagement. We endeavor to be honest and fair—to treat each client as we would want to be treated—and to build a relationship with each client based on mutual trust and respect.
We recognize diversity not only in the racial, cultural, ethnic, and gender characteristics of the people with whom we work, but also in the unique talents and personality that distinguish one.

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Company Bios

SEES consultants are seasoned professionals possessing college degrees and/or five to 10 years or more in insurance loss control or industrial safety and health. Many are board-certified Associate Safety Professionals (ASPs) and Certified Safety Professionals (CSPs) who regularly pursue professional development opportunities and are active in leading professional associations. We maintain an up-to-date technical standards reference library to ensure that each client question or request for advice is answered with a well-reseached, accurate reply.

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