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Zero Accident Philosopy and Plan™

Zero Accident Philosophy™

Our approach to safety consulting and accident prevention is founded on the Zero Accident Philosophy (ZAP), the belief that workplace accidents are:

  • Predictable
  • Preventable
  • Unacceptable

The guiding principle in every SEES engagement, this philosophy shapes the creation of solutions to predict and prevent accidents and establish an organizational culture in which accidents are viewed as unacceptable.
As a result of the successful implementation of SEES-developed safety solutions, many of our clients have adopted the Zero Accident Philosophy as their own. In these organizations, employees build on the philosophy introduced by SEES, proactively addressing potential hazards before losses can occur.
The Zero Accident Philosophy has proven to not only enhance employee safety and well-being, but also to increase morale, productivity, and work quality, and to decrease accident-related expenditures.

Zero Accident Plan™

The cornerstone of the SEES approach and the practical application of the the Zero Accident Philosophy is the Zero Accident Plan. A tool for identifying and resolving potential safety and health hazards and property risks, the Zero Accident Plan defines and documents:

- The goals of the SEES engagement with the client
- The critical areas of potential hazard/risk to be addressed
- The specific tasks for elimination of hazards and reduction of risks
- The intended result
- The person(s) responsible and accountable for defined tasks target dates for implementation and completion of tasks.

Implemented in the context of the Zero Accident Philosophy, the Zero Accident Plan is a proven blueprint for building an environment in which accidents, injuries and property damage are dramatically reduced.

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