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What We Do

Through deep expertise, a unique consultative approach, comprehensive safety assessments, and training services, SEES helps organizations affordably reduce workplace risks to control losses and enhance the safety, health, and productivity of employees.

Safety Manual
Safety, Environmental and Engineering Solutions (SEES) specializes in helping organizations control losses and enhance the safety, health, and productivity of employees on the job site and in the workplace.


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Zero Accident Philosopy and Plan™

Zero Accident Philosophy™

Our approach to safety consulting and accident prevention is founded on the Zero Accident Philosophy (ZAP), the belief that workplace accidents are predictable, preventable, and unacceptable.more

Zero Accident Plan™
The cornerstone of the practical application of the the Zero Accident Philosophy is the Zero Accident Plan. It is a tool for identifying and resolving potential safety and health hazards and property risks.

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Industries We Serve

SEES provides safety, environmental, and engineering solutions to:

  • Industrial clients including construction companies, foundries, manufacturing, and petrochemical producers
  • Service providers including electric/utility, healthcare, insurance, retail, and transportation/logistics companies
  • Government and institutional organizations including municipali-ties, public transportation agencies, and school districts

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Safety Manual
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